The main manufacturers of machinery count on Rectificados Mayer in the manufacture of their cutting blades for packaging.

  • Stationary and mobile blades for packaging machines
  • Machines for the branch of the plastic
  • Industrial machinery to treat the wood
  • Blades for machinery of vertical packaging
  • Blades for machinery of horizontal packaging
  • Blades for Flow Pack machinery type

In Rectificados Mayer are experts in the manufacture of cutting blades for packages.

We manufacture in different types of materials: hard metal, alloyed steel, HSS, inox.

Cutting blades for all industries

The blades of Rectificados Mayer are manufactured from high quality materials, which allows us to ensure that they will cut for a long time without the need of sharpening. Machining, heat treatment and final rectification of the blade offer a product of exceptional quality.

We elaborate stationary blades and mobile blades that allow a easier situation in the machine, so they are ideals to use them in the cutting machine that works with abrasive materials, that could undermine the blade in less time, such as glass fibers or carbon.

The quality of our products allows us to offer satisfactory solutions to machinery manufacturers of all industries:

  • Blades for granulating plastic materia
  • Blades for the plastic grinding mill
  • Blades for the branch of paper industry
  • Marking blades
  • Blades for the plastic industry
  • Circular blades for all type of machines

In Rectificados Mayer we perform special machining of metal pieces.

We are specialists in the grinding of flat surfaces.