Our company is specialist in the grinding of round for manufacture of circular blades.

A precision machining with multiple applications, especially among the manufacturers of packaging machinery.

Circular blades are ideal for machines that must apply a continuous cutting instead of guillotine.

In Rectificados Mayer are experts in the manufacture of cutting blades for packages.

We manufacture in different types of materials: hard metal, alloyed steel, HSS, inox.

Circular blades

The grinding on circular surfaces is a work of exceptional precision that Rectificados Mayer performs with total success for many of its customers.

We manufacture circular steel blades for all types of machinery that can be applied in many different industries:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Wood industry
  • Forest industry
  • Metal industry
  • Recycling sector

High quality blades that offer optimum results during a longer period of time, extending the life of your equipment and reducing the maintenance tasks of your machines.

In Rectificados Mayer we perform special machining of metal pieces.

We are specialists in the grinding of flat surfaces.